International meeting in Poland!


We arrived (Latvia, Estonia, Norway) to Poland – Radom at Saturday night at half past eleven p.m. We had  a peaceful trip to our friends. Then on Sunday we had exciting activities at shooting range classes at Piastów. Students had paintball matches. Latvian  students played together with Norveigian teachers. We had  nice picnic all teams together, we tasted polish national soup  called “Żurek”, sausages and “kaszanka”. Our polish collagues prepared different workshops for us:

  • European Heritage Days with multicultural buffet, getting to know each other cultural aspects and  traditions
  • Legal aspects of dealing with juveniles
  • Preventing bulling, racial discrimination
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy in working with young people with behivioral disorders
  • Youth workshop in social skills training
  • Integrating artistic workshop
  • Methods of raising the social skills of young people

All partners visited Radom Police station, Radom Technical School, Zespół Szkół Plastycznych and Town Council. We met the President of town council Karol Semik.

We had our free time activities;

Marvellous trip to Kazimierz Dolny nad Wisłą , we had exciting excursion around the town at night with lightning tourch in our hands, we visited scary graveyard with ghost. We did a little sightseeing and very short visit to Cathedral as well.